First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Preface: The Ship

Before we begin, a bit of business. As always, Star Trek, its characters, events, etc., are the property of Paramount. There are also occasional references to characters or events created by authors of published Star Trek novels. Their influence is gratefully acknowledged.

However, the principal and non-principal characters created by the players and/or gamemaster of the USS Kitty Hawk campaign and the narrative created from their roleplaying are their exclusive property.

Enterprise-Class (Constitution-Class (uprated))

Since the construction of the first in 2243, many Constitution-Class ships have been lost or destroyed. Given increasing hostilities with neighboring empires (particularly Klingon and Romulan), a great deal of importance was given to building replacements.
There had been great technological advancements in the past 20 years. Star Fleet considered the current starship design out-of-date, so they revised their shipbuilding program to include the improvements in all their new ships. They drew up a schedule to refit the Constitution-Class currently in service to the new technology in orderly rotation so they would constantly have topline ships in the field.

Construction began on new vessels, and it quickly became apparent that the cost of building new ships was vastly less expense than refitting the current ones. So the decision was made to retire the current Constitutions and build new ones to replace them.

Ironically, however, the only Constitution-Class to return from its latest mission intact was the Enterprise. The ship gained no small amount of fame, and Star Fleet realised they would lose public support if they retired the highly popular vessel. So, they decided to refit Enterprise. The only shipyard available to do the refit was finishing up construction of the first new Constitution-Class, the USS Kitty Hawk.

Once final construction was completed, Kitty Hawk was moved to Spacedock (Starbase One) for final tests and preparations for launch, while the Enterprise was brought in to begin refit.

Final adjustments and calibrations on the Kitty Hawk are nearly completed. Its launch on its maiden voyage is at hand.

Specifications - USS Kitty Hawk (NCC-1863)

Overall Length: 990.6 ft.
Overall Draft (height): 231.7 ft.
Overall Beam (width): 460.5 ft.

Primary Hull (saucer)
Length: 475.4 ft.
Draft: 106.9 ft.
Beam: 460.5 ft.

Secondary Hull (engineering)
Length: 393.2 ft.
Draft: 154.3 ft.
Beam: 106.9 ft.

Nacelles (Leeding FWG-1)
Length: 503.1 ft.
Draft: 54.9 ft.
Beam: 40.9 ft.

Ship's Compliment
Officers: 72
Enlisted: 428

Maximum velocity: Warp 12[1728c]
Cruising velocity: Warp 8[512c]

0 - .99c 19 seconds
.99c - warp 1.1 seconds

warp 1 - 4 .78 seconds
warp 4 - 8 .67 seconds
warp 8 - 12 2.13 seconds

Deck Layout:

Deck 1: Bridge, Docking Port 1
Deck 2: Security, temporary holding cells
Deck 3: Commisary, Officer's lounge
Deck 4: VIP Quarters, jr. officers quarters, conference room
Deck 5: Senior Officers' quarters
Deck 6: Crew quarters, crew lounge, Impulse deck, gangway access hatches
Deck 7: Sickbay, transporter rooms, Main briefing room, Main Brig, Armory,
Chapel, Gymnasium, Science labs, Rec Deck
Deck 8,9: Docking Level, Ship's laundry, Fabricators, viewing lounges
Deck 10: Circiut breaker room (primary hull)
Deck 11: Main Sensor array monitoring room
Deck 12,13: Photon Torpedo launch system
Deck 14,15: Main Engineering
Deck 16,17: CEO Briefing room, office, Hanagar Bay
Deck 18: Aux. Con., lifeboats
Deck 19: Cargo transporters
Deck 20,21: Antimatter storage, Botanical garden, swimming pool, sundeck

Source: _Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise_, by Shane Johnson

Thanks to Dennis Campbell, who wrote the introductory paragraphs.

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Live long and prosper!

The Singin' One

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