First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Preface: Senior Officer/Department Head Bios

Before we begin, a bit of business. As always, Star Trek, its characters, events, etc., are the property of Paramount. There are also occasional references to characters or events created by authors of published Star Trek novels. Their influence is gratefully acknowledged.

However, the principal and non-principal characters created by the players and/or gamemaster of the USS Kitty Hawk campaign and the narrative created from their roleplaying are their exclusive property.

Over the one plus year development of "A Question of Time," a number of players came and went. Their character bios are included only if the character: (1) was part of the crew at launch, (2) had a long-term, significant role in the story, or (3) was part of of the crew at the conclusion of the adventure.

These bios are arranged in order of rank/position. Some bios have been condensed. Full bios are available by contacting the gamemaster.

Capt. Traydon Chance
Position: Commanding Officer
Born: McIverton, Centaurus (Alpha Centauri IV) March 13, 2236 (*)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 92.7 kilos (204 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Black (w/ single silver stripe)

History: Traydon Chance was well named. From early childhood, he was always taking chances, more than once ending in bruises and broken bones. He loved to explore, so naturally decided to enter Starfleet. His grades were exemplary (he currently holds the highest rating on the Kobyashi Maru senario, though he didn't beat it), and graduated with honors as a Command candidate.

He served uneventful tours on both the destroyer Pompeii and the starship Excalibur, before being assigned to the Yorktown as 2nd Officer, under then-Captain Matt Decker and 1st Officer Anne Gauvreau. During this time, Yorktown logged several First Contacts. When Decker was promoted to Commodore and given the Constellation, Yorktown was given to a new captain, under Gauvreau's protests. She and Chance had become close and, when she resigned rather than accept command of a science vessel, he transferred to the Lexington, where he became 1st Officer under Commodore Bob Wesley. The Lexington, along with his old ship, Excalibur, and two others, participated in the now-infamous "M-5 War Games". During this, the Enterprise, under M-5's control, destroyed the Excalibur. Chance mourned her loss, remembering all the friends he'd made there. Lexinton put in for repair, and the crew took shore leave. During this time, Chance recieved a promotion to Captain, and assigned command of the newest Constitution-class ship, the Kitty Hawk. (this is where the intro will pick up. Watch for it.)

(Player: Dennis Campbell)

Cdr. Zakal
First Officer, Science Specialist

Zakal is of Vulcan ancestry and is named for his ancestor, who was a leader of one of the families that rebelled against Surak'a way to enlightenment thru logic. The first Zakal sent his family and several thousand of his followers away to Eltanin-3 in the Draco System. There they flourished for thousands of years, building a civilization based on the teachings of Zakal who based his theories on enlightenment through emotions.

Sibok, Spock's half-brother was one who found the ancient writings of the original Zakal and followed his teachings. He was also banished from Vulcan.

At any rate, MY Zakal is 25th of that name. Not all were related to the original Zakal, but he is a direct ancestor. Eltanin-3 is not a full member of the Federation, because they cannot get over their differences with Vulcan, but during a incursion of the Klingons, they were made a protectorate.

Zakal entered the Academy about 4 years after Spock, and he graduated in the top 2% of his class. He and Spock served together briefly when Zakal was his Jr. Science Officer aboard the Enterprise under Christopher Pike. He and Spock became good friends (to his and Spock's families' dismay) and they worked well together. Zakal is a bit touchy about being called a Vulcan, however and has been known to break the limbs of people in a rage just to show them that he is QUITE emotional when he wants to be.

Zakal was transferred to the USS Farragut under Capt. Garrovic where he served with distiction as Science Officer. He has been decorated twice: once for bravery and once for valor, but he never mentions them. It was the second decoration that won him his promotion to Commander and a transfer to Kitty-Hawk as First Officer.

Zakal is very intelligent, incisive and as emotional as Spock is logical. He has three wives and 14 children back on Eltanin, and loves them all dearly.

(Player: Juan Fernandez)

Lcdr. Rel Telic
Chief Engineer

Rel is an aspiring engineer, although he focuses in weapons development (a product of culture) he is well rounded. He has skills in warp drive technology and repair, starship weaponry, starship shields, transporter operations and repair , computer operations and repairs, shuttle craft operation, small equipment repair, phaser marksmenship, andorian martial arts, astronautics, astronomy, federation law and history, andorian trivia,leadership, administration and carousing. He speaks Galacta, vulcan, tellarite, and a smattering of klingon. He also likes the ancient earth sport of football, and wrestling.

Rel graduated first in his class in engineering, 15 from starfleet overall. He has a competitive streak a light year long. He likes to take gambles and risks, and has a hard time refusing a dare. He tries to develop a good rapport with his men and as long as the job gets done, he lets them party down, often joining them.

(Player: Rich Davis)

LCdr Nicodemus Augustus Cain
Chief Security Officer
AGE: 53
SEX: Male
RACE: Izarian Human

SPECIALTIES: Klingon Racial Analyst; Jujutsu; Marksman

BRIEF PERSONAL HISTORY: Cain was born on the planet of Izar. His fondest wish, when he was a child, was to be captain of his own ship. At a relatively young age, to temper his over-agressive behavior, his parents forced him to learn Jujutsu. He fell in love with the all-or-nothing, do-anything form of martial arts and quickly rose through the belts. When he graduated from Star Fleet Academy, he had just received his black belt.

While Cain served aboard the Saratoga, Cain almost achieved his dream, becoming a First Officer. The vessel was attacked by Klingons while he was on an away mission. Cain was captured by the Klingons. His whereabouts were unknown for two years.

[JUST BETWEEN US: During Cain's 'capture' in Klingon space, he was actually working for Star Fleet Intelligence. They surgically altered him to appear Imperial Klingon (the ones form the Movies and TNG...with the ruffles! :) ) and sent him to gather information and assassinate a powerful Naval captain, which he did. SF Intelligence, however, left him for dead. He made his way, barely, back into Federation space and was returned by an Intelligence operative (the 'Orion' freighter captain).

After his court martial, he wrote a nasty letter to the head of SF Intelligence, who claims no knowledge of the events of Cain's operation. SF Intelligence Command, however, issued a reprieve and re-sentencing, which still screwed him, just not as bad...and it got him to stay quiet. In his possession, Cain has a Klingon disruptor and a battle-sash with blue and purple stripes, utilized only for those who have participated in the destruction of Federation and Romulan vessels respectively. He will inform anyone who asks that it is just a 'souvenir' and explain no futher. It is, in fact, his battle-sash from when he was Kargan vestai-Dvistrill, First Officer of the Kih PuCH, a D-7 Class cruiser.

He was repsonsible for the destruction of the U.S.S. Borga (NCC-2709), a Loknar Class VII Frigate, and the U.S.S. Troy (NCC-4338), a Larson Class VII Destroyer. He rationalizes his actions by the belief that, if he had refused to attack the vessels, he would've been caught and the mission failed (as well as he tortured and died). Even SF Intelligence doesn't know that is was him aboard the Kih PuCH, and that is the reason for his unsettled mind.]

At this time, an Orion trader discovered him near the Triangle in a broken-down freighter about to explode. Cain was questioned by Star Fleet and, when he refused to give any information concerning his whereabouts for the last two years, was Court Martialed. He was found guilty of going AWOL and withholding information. Two days after he began his incarceration, Cain was given a reprieve by Star Fleet Command and re-sentenced. This new sentence demoted him one rank and he was restricted from serving aboard a starship for six years. Due to his knowledge of Klingons, however, the latter punishment was commuted 6 months before its scheduled ending and he was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk.

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Cain over-accentuates the tragedy of his life. After his return from capture, he became secluded and cold. As a member of the beaurocratic services with Star Fleet for the past five and a half years, Cain was irreverent and abrasive to his superiors, though coldly, and sometimes creuly, efficient. Something occured during those two years which completely changed his personality. He does not display any wish to return to the Klingon Empire, nor does he show any signs of mind alteration. His thoughts sometimes go to his late wife, Katherine Boulay Cain, who died of natural causes while he was lost.

Only when Cain comes to terms with the events of his capture will he be truly 'happy.'

Cain has had numerous problems with alcohol addiction and has sought help many times. Unlike most cases of alcohol addiction, his addiction actually _decreased_ with increased job-related stress.

MEDICAL PROFILE: Cain must utilize a prosthetic liver in order to digest poisons, due to a highly advanced liver cancer discovered at the time of retrieval from Klingon space. There is also a great deal of facial scarring, some of which seems to be the result of prosthetic alteration, especially near the nose and midline of the skull. When he was discovered, Cain did not have teeth; as a result, he wears prosthetic teeth. There is evidence of fourteen fractured bones and six broken bones. Of the broken bones, two occured in the upper right arm, three in the rib-cage (two on the left side, one on the right), and one on the left of the jaw (which seems to have been the result of a slashing weapon, judgin from a long scar on that side of the face).

(Player: Rodney "Lucifer" Morris)

Name:Jack Shadow
Rank:LCdr., Science division

Physical appearance:Human in appearance and biology (nobody can explain his lack of aging).His age appears to be 30 (though based on his history we know he's somewhere in his 40's). Physically he looks like the actor Kenneth Branagh (about 6 feet tall, reddish blonde hair, intense but interesting looking).

History:Jack Shadow was found as an infant on the distant world of Tarsis V. There was the ruins of a civilizationwhere he was found, but no other living people. He was placed in a Starfleet orphanage where he grew at a different rate than the other children (at 5 months he could make sentences etc.).

It was soon discovered that he was extremely gifted in the areas of science and history. He graduated with his first Phd in xenobiology and physics at approximately 17 years of age. He then entered the Starfleet Academy, where he received further training in the sciences and a bizarre form of martial arts only known to a few individuals.

Expertise:xenobiology, physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering archeology, history, advanced mathmatics, parapsychology,

Decorations:Starfleet Medal of Valor, Starfleet Science Award

Jack prefers to be addressed by the title Doctor or Professor instead of a military rank.

(Player: Frankie Schildiner)

LCdr. (Dr.) Kathren Thomas
Chief Medical Officer
human female
age: 38
height: 5'8"
weight: 140lbs
eyes: blue
hair: long, blond
facial features: soft, delicate

Personality profile: Kathren is a very strong, independent woman. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Her meticulous attention to detail borders on obsession. Although sexual discrimination has basically been done away with, Kathren still views it as a man's universe. This is part of the reason she strives for excellence in her field.

History profile: The other reason for her obsession with perfection is that Kathren is following in her father's foot-steps (a well known member of starfleet medical). She has served aboard one space station and one starship (where she was decorated for valor in a large scale phaser figh t). Her mix of compassion and dedication in her field is reflected in her outstanding service reocord.

(Player: Chad Rolston)

Lt.(JG) Valerie (Val) Larson
Communications Chief
brown hair, very wavy, bordering on curly
green eyes
ht.: 1m7
wt.: 50kg
features: soft, round race; best described as cute but not quite pretty
homeworld: Earth

Brief background:
Valerie Larson is the only child of Admiral Lambert Larson. Yes, the very same fellow, who, as a Lt. Cmdr., led the design/implementation team of the Larson Class Destroyer project. Val has been wheedled into becoming a member of Starfleet by her daddy. Starfleet is the most important thing to him...well maybe his daughter comes first...well, maybe its a tie. He wanted "the best" for her and so enrolled her in Starfleet. She really didn't want to go. Or at best didn't know what she wanted. But at any rate wasn't strong enough to stand up to her father. She took the easiest route she could find: Communications specialty.

She's not much of a fighter. Couldn't care less about politics, and can best be described as naive. She has a cheerful disposition and gets along with folks but she's definitely not a leader. She's a follower. And the person she most often follows is her "daddy". She will do anything to make her proud of her. Even to the extent of doing things that are not in her best interest.

(Player: Robert Larson)

Anthony Villiers (aka Sean Dillon)
Current Assignment: Star Fleet Intelligence
Counter Intelligence Division

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220
Age: 36
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue - Gray
Rank: Lt. Col.

Psych Profile: Strong willed, perservering man. Relentless in the pursuit of his goal.

Socail Profile: Laid back. No known attachments. No known relatives.

History:Tony Villiers was born in Oxford, England. The nephew of a Baronet, Tony entered Starfleet's Academy after eaton. Trained in the Commando tradition, Tony operated as a member of several Marines, Guards, and Starship groups before he was placed into Intelligence school. He was trained in counter-intelligence (the shieach for spies) where he excelled. Currently known in certain circles as the "Sherlock Holmes of Starfleet", he is after several Romulan and Klingon intelligence specialists, intent on winning.

Expertise:Shotokhan Karate, weapons, assassaination, detective techniques, counter-intelligence

Interests:English literature, history, criminology

(Player: Frankie Schildiner)

(note: role later reprised by Eric Navarro)

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The Singin' One

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