First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Preface: Junior Officer Bios

Before we begin, a bit of business. As always, Star Trek, its characters, events, etc., are the property of Paramount. There are also occasional references to characters or events created by authors of published Star Trek novels. Their influence is gratefully acknowledged.

However, the principal and non-principal characters created by the players and/or gamemaster of the USS Kitty Hawk campaign and the narrative created from their roleplaying are their exclusive property.

Over the one plus year development of "A Question of Time," a number of players came and went. Their character bios are included only if the character: (1) was part of the crew at launch, (2) had a long-term, significant role in the story, or (3) was part of of the crew at the conclusion of the adventure.

The bios are arranged in order of first appearance on the game during "A Question of Time." Some have been condensed. Full bios are available by contacting the gamemaster.

Executive Security Officer (Marines)

Age: 40
Born: Earth
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 89 Kilos
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Born on Earth, Phocas passed the first 13 years of his life on Vulcan along with his father who was a military adviser to Earth's delegation. He acquired the vulcan taste for logic but did not go as far as abandoning his emotions Alone from the start, he always found it easier to get things done if he handled them himself.

He tried to enter Starfleet Academy a couple of times but was refused in regard to his academics. That didn't discourage him one bit. He enlisted in starfleet as a non-commissioned member and served a number of years working for the SOL sector planetary defenses.

Born from a family of soldiers stretching back to the 19th century, he found himself easily attracted to the security division and, later on, to the Marines branch. He served a few years onboard the U.S.S.Republic as a security specialist and was noted more than once for his initiative, quick thinking and tactical knowledge.

In fact, that's where his dream of becoming a Starfleet officer finally came true during a mission in the Federation-Romulan neutral zone. The ship was transporting the fleet admiral back from a tour of the local starbase when it was attacked by a romulan warbird. The engines were damaged when the Romulans took the ship in tow and dragged it toward romulan space. Phocas, along with a few others, proposed to board the enemy vessel to destroy it(this action was described as a suicide mission).

The plan was a success, but Phocas managed to jump into an escape pod with only a few seconds to spare. He was later awarded field promotion to the rank of Ensign and was later awarded the rank of lieutenant for outstanding service on Starbase 9 and at the Marines Branch School.

They say: "Never be too good in a job, you could stay there for ever!". That's exactly what's been happening to Phocas over the last few years. He applied for the Kitty Hawk in the hope to give a new push to his stagnant career and accomplish his father's dream: be the third in a row from the familly to become a Lt.Cmdr in Starfleet.

Psychological profile:

Phocas doesn't like Starfleet Academy graduates as a result of all the bad remarks he got when he was promoted("You're not a real officer!" was extremely painful to him).

He is rarely caught off guard and always seems on the verge of jumping. He, however, understands the importance of team work and puts the welfare of his subordinates before anything else.

He even goes as far as wearing the standard marine uniform all the enlisted men have. He claims it's the best way to bridge the gap between officers and men. One of his favorite phrase is in fact: "Don't ask a man to do something you're not willing to do yourself. And that includes the uniform!"

(Player: Stephane Raymond)

Lt. William Constantine Darkell
Engineering Executive
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 91 kilos
Eyes: Blue
Hair: darkened blonde with hints of gray

Brief History:

William was born in the North American Sector of Terra. Son of Angus Darkell (Scotland), William has always been interested in his roots. Agnus was a naval architect at Spacedock 1 (Sol). He always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but William veered from the course that his father had set.

William searched for root after root until finally he reached a dead end. By the end of his final year at Florida State University he had traced his roots back to 12th century Scotland. He desired to know more now, not of his personal roots, but the roots of human civilization. This led him to the study of "The Ancients", a near mythical group of humanoids who are theorized to have seeded the universe.

At his graduation from St. Andrew's he began his professorship at the Institute of Cultural Studies in Instanbul. Grant money was easy to acquire for in system archaeology, but because of Federation travel restrictions permission to hunt for lost ships in Vulcan and Romulan space were extremely difficult.

In Sol, William had quite a bit of experience in space salvage and was injured when a pressurized containment unit from a 200 year old colonial ion propulsion unit exploded, killing two grad students and exposing him to lethal doses of radiation. Raced to the hospital at an orbiting Federation space station (Jupiter),William recovered after a long 6 month stay in ICU.

Returning to Terra for a 6 month sabbatical, William studied Wei-Chi Ryu under a 7th degree black belt, Sara O'Connor, in an effort to rehabilitate his atrophied muscles. This started a short, but intense relationship which when ended left him with a 4 year old son Ryac. William refuses to talk about the relationship to this day. Ryac is now 10 and lives with his mother in Istanbul.

For years the incident with the colony ship haunted his mind. He still wakes up with nightmares of the explosion and being dug out from the remains of the core and two of his grad students. Three years after his accident he resigned his post at ICS and applied to Starfleet Academy. The first time he was rejected and returned to Scotland to stay with his father, who had retired there. He told his father he was rejected by Starfleet because they had "an intense shortage of technical graduates" and would accepting only technical and strategical applicants.

Over the course of 3 months his father talked him into choosing some area of technical expertise. William chose sensor arrays, since he had a lot of experience with the civilian ones on his salvage operations. The second time he applied he was accepted.

His time at Starfleet was rather uneventful, save the occasional practical joke. He was an average student, described as a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. His friends called him Bill and he acquired the nickname of Professor, since he was one and more because of the bits of wisdom and trivia from ancient history that he bestowed among his younger compatriots. William lost points for not being able to explain or reproduce his miraculous feats of sensor engineering. Not only did he come up with new ways to detect, he also devised ways to distract and deceive. When applying for command school he was turned down, being judged as too much of a wild card.

After being turned down for command school he returned to his study of Wei-Chi in order to build a sense of discipline. He was also assigned to Spacedock 1 for his Starfleet duty. He was denied a ship tour because, at 41, he was beyond the acceptable entrance age. At Spacedock 1 he began to reproduce many of his miracles and was promoted to Lt. and put in charge of a company of Sensor Array Ensigns. William's company refit and built many sensory arrays and computers in many ships, including the Enterprise.

Six months after making quite an impression on the Enterprise's chief engineer, William received transfer orders to the USS Kitty Hawk. Finally his dream of leaving the solar system would be realized.

Psychological Profile:

Besides the strange dreams, William is in good mental health. He is a perpetual dreamer though, and will sometimes drift off into a day dream. He is calm and laid back, yet is prone to fits of mischief. William seems to spend more time to himself and becomes uncomfortable around, while intensely attracted to, beautiful women. This uncomfortableness often leads to an early exit from the room that comes across as a eccentric quality. He is easily distracted, and yet in a tense situation is focused like a laser.

Medical Profile:

Many years ago when William was salvaging space wrecks for ICS he was caught in a reactor explosion. When he was released he was completely free ] of contamination (fortunately the radiation was wave based rather than particle based), slightly atrophied, and had an ever so slight variation in his brain waves. Federation doctors have not been able to determine a) why he did not die, b) why his skeletal structure had been laced with an unknown crystalline structure (function unknown) c) how and why his brainwaves have been altered. These alterations serve no known purpose.

He is otherwise in good physical condition, "for a man his age" his doctor would tell you. His Wei-Chi keeps him limber and quick, good stamina, and a strong grip. Despite this, he still has picked up some of that middle age gut, but not enough to be TOO noticeable.

(Player: Sheridan Layman)

Name: Irene Boroqa-Amazonn
Nickname: Diamond (only personal friends call her that.)
Rank: Lt.jg Security
Assignment: Weapons Officer
USS Kitty Hawk
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Amazonjan
Homeworld: Amazode
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Ht: 5"5 Wt: 137lbs.

Features: All year round light tan, human like qualities, hair styled in semi-mohawk fashion, and two white diamond shaped birthmarks on right side temple.

Irene BA is very private. One of five girls in the family. Her parents are the ruling family of her planet and that she's the second oldest. She excels in physical sports and have the ability to see images of future accurance, which no one but family knows. She went to the academy and won numerous sporting events. Graduated in the top of her class. Other cadets address her as BA. (Some say Bad ASS with an affectionate tone.) She served on the US Explorer.

She keeps to herself and is very straight forward to the point of what some may consider rudeness. (What you see is what you get.) Her specialities is strategic planning and weaponry.

Note on official record BA was repremanded(sp) for insubordination. (Just a slight blemish on record. Basically she answers back to a Capt. who was abusing rank.)

(Player: Denise Gotay)

Ensign Mayreeka
30 (Standard Terran Years)
Position: Medical Specialist


Mayreeka was forced into starfleet academy. She orignally wanted to be a doctor on Vulcan, but her father insisted that she be one of the first Vulcan women to graduate from starfleet. Her father, Tarbek, knew Sarek very well and was proud of Spock even though Vulcans do not show emotion. Tarbek had always had a problem with controlling his emotions. He showed intense emotion while he was behind closed doors with his wife and beloved daughter, Mayreeka. His wife was killed during a skirmish with the Romulans. She was on a shuttle returning to Vulcan, when they were attacked. Mayreeka was only 5 when she lost her mother. She was Vulcan and had to be logical, but she watched her father weep in grief when he thought she was asleep and no one was around. Mayreeka vowed that she would be the ideal and model Vulcan outwardly, but internally she swore vengence on the Romulans that murdered her mother and caused her father intense grief.

Mayreeka originally wanted a science starship, but agreed to take the command rank of science/medical officer. She had excelled in both fields and graduated at the top of her class. Her father was proud of her and approved of her taking the Kitty Hawk assignment. She wanted to make her father proud, but she holds a possible tragic secret. She prefers Earth men to Vulcan men. She is very logical, but she has tremendous feeling of love and tenderness that only Earth men can fulfill. She knows that this would be shameful to her family. She does not wish disgrace to fall upon her family until she can take revenge for her mother.

Most people have made fun of Mayreeka because of her name. She was named this because her mother and father both liked Earth names. Vulcans diapproved of her name. She herself felt like she was an outcast, but out of respect for her parents she learned to accept her name. She has also learned that Earth men find her name very sedutive and unusual which helps her satify her fantasies with Earth men.

(Player: Darlena Murray)

Name : Ens. Kenneth C. Watanabe.
AGE : 22
SEX : Male
Race : Human/Oriental

Height : 190cm
Weight : 85KG
Eyes : Down brown
Hair : Black

Fresh graduate from the starfleet academy.

Brief History

Ken was born on earth. Father is an instructor of starfleet academy. During his childhood, Ken always visits his dad in the academy and was exposed to all the exciting people who were from other starship. And during one of the visit that he saw a captain of a starship that he decided to become a captain. Immediately after graduate from starfleet academy, He was assign to be a helmsman in the U.S.S Kitty Hawk.

He is a quite man, strong personnalily and very professional. He work best under pressure and follows order. He enjoys playing baseball and tries to play clarinet ( without very much of a success, I should say ) and also a martial art expert.

With enough experience, he should be an officer material.

(Player: Swee-chuan Khoo)

Name: Ketch Burnett
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Sandy Blond

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, he wanted to become a freelance freighter pilot, but with a nudge from his parents, entered starfleet academy. He was in the top 25% of his class with the exception of two areas, navigation/piloting, and marksmanship. He was at the top of his nav class with a 94% accuracy rating, 8th best ever at the academy. He was also an exceptional phaser marksman. His sophmore year he entered a competition and placed fifth behind four seniors and a junior. The next year he took third place after a three way shootoff in one of the closest competitions ever. His senior year he won the competition by a sizable margin and recieved a Marksman 1st Class award.

Upon graduation, he was assigned to the merchant marine and offered a position as a grad. assistant to the nav. professor. He fanagled his way into a navigator's post aboard a freighter whose home port was Mars and had extended layovers there. He was able to teach at the academy for a week after a two week voyage. Eight months after his posting while on a voyage, the freighter was attacked by a freighter of unknown origin. The first/tactical officer was injured, and he was ordered to take over weapons control. They engaged the alien freighter, and the ensuing firefight, were able to damage them more than they were damaged.

Neither ship left the scene very quickly, and three days later, scarcely 300,000 km away a federation destroyer intercepted them. The captain of the destroyer had come up on the alien freighter which self destructed upon their arrival. He informed us that he had orders to beam the crew and whatever cargo was salvagable to his ship and to scuttle ours. The freighter captain received commendations for valor and bravery, while Ketch and two other crew members received commendations for bravery. Ketch was then promoted to lieutenant(jg) and reassigned to starfleet academy where he taught basic navigation for the next fifteen months. He was then assigned to interplanetary shuttle transport duty between Earth and Mars and promoted to full lieutenant. After a year of ferrying around officers on leave and various cargos, he became bored and put in for a transfer for whatever was available. He expected to be assigned to a deep space freighter, but instead was posted to be the navigation officer aboard the U.S.S. Kittyhawk.

(Player: Jeff Riley)

-Name: Sashenka Prikranetz
-Gender: Male
-Classification: Human - Russian
-Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
-Position: Communications Specialist
-Assignment: U.S.S. Kitty Hawk
-Height: 5'10"
-Weight: 175lbs
-Other physical characteristics: Glasses, beard, curly dark brown, light complexion, Russian accent

-Notes: Sashenka Prikranetz graduated from Starfleet Academy with a specialization in communication, especially interspecies communication. Except for his fierce nationalism, Prikranetz has, to date, been a model officer. A very ethnically-inclined Russian Jew, Prikranetz has a unique perspective; constantly afraid of persecution on the basis of his increasingly shrinking religion, and fiercely socialist, Prikranetz has a strange blend of both Russian and Jewish nationalism that make him both interesting and paranoid. All this, plus his skill as a debater and general shrewdness, make him someone you don't want to get in an argument with. Always the individualist, Prikranetz can at times become needlessly divisive and hard to work with. Until Prikranetz himself becomes a captain, an captain he serves under should keep both his good traits and bad ones in mind.

(Player: Sam Greene)

Name: Veronica Tremere
Race: Human Sex: female
Rank: Lt.

Tour of Duty: U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

Born in a small town on the coast of Canada, Veronica always had her head in the stars. The Romanctic idea of being out among the stars and being part of the universe drove her to excell in her studies, and be accepted into the Acadmey.

When growing up she became attarched to Physics party because of the way it gracefully moved and explained itself, but mostly becaused there were no large explosions with chemicals. Not fond of large explosions she found her self at home breaking down the natural music of the universe itself.

To express the music that she found she turned to the using computers to not only make music but other shapes. Lights and sounds mixed with words in an eletronic art. Thought it is less of a passion, she stils warps numbers, as she likes to call it, from time to time.

While somewhat of an absent minded professor, she does get her job done. And She gets it done well. She tends to be an out going individual and tries to be suppotive of her friends. She expects a job to be done when assigned but is very leaniant when it comes to deadlines.

During her days at the academy, she was very involved in the threatre group there as a lighting tech. She also had a radio programme, and spent her free time discousing the greats of post modern life. She made many freinds, and still keeps in touch with them, when not on duty, writting letters.

Beacuse of her appitiude in science, and her ability to get along well with others, she was accepted at the department head school just after her Cadet Cruise.

(Player: Shawn "Q" MacKinnon)

Personal Data
Name: Jaleth
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Race: Andorian
Rank: Lieutenant

Personal Profile:

Jaleth wants to be a CMO someday, although he has not been tapped for Department Head school yet. He is on his third tour, his second on a Constitution Class vessel. He is soft-spoken, as are most Andorians, and he is fiercely proud of his heritage. He is skilled in the Kataal due to that pride. He is a natural leader, and he is often unknowingly called upon to do so in relaxed situations. As with most Andorians, honor and family are very important to him. He is an amateur Federation historian. In order to better relate the past to the present, he keeps himself knowledgeable in Popular Culture. Jaleth is an amateur actor, his biggest role being that of Shraga in the Academy production of Zekel Lamnoth.

Psychological Profile:

Jaleth considers honor to be something that must be achieved and re- affirmed daily. As loyalty is part of honor, Jaleth is a very loyal person. He is aware of his leadership abilities and strives to be worthy when put in those situations. He became a Starfleet medic in order to heal the explorers of the galaxy, so that they may return to charting the galaxy.

(Player: David Sternberg)

Nightsuki, Lyssarian Katarina
Lieutenant, Starfleet
Born: Val Hollow, Wisconsin, Earth

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 97 lbs.
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Green
Skin : Lt. Tan
Origin: Oriental Descent and features.

Lyssia (what her friends call her, and friends ARE numerous) was determined to be a helmsman, and eventually a Captain of a vessel, but an abysmal performance in the Kobyashi Maru simulator quickly put an end to her hopes at command or at the helm...but she still has a certain longing to sit at the helm of a Starfleet vessel, no matter how brief. She was taught the art of Bunjikin Ninjitsu by her father, a Seventh Dan Black Belt in the Martial Art, and she currently holds fifth Dan. She chose security as her MOS after she failed at the Kobyashi Maru. She is eager to fulfill her late father's dream of recieving a (pick an award) from Starfleet. Her mother is living in Nebraska, along with her two younger sisters, Katarina and Brandi, and her older brother, who is running the farm, Boris.

History: Nightsuki signed on to Starfleet at the young age of seventeen, via Starfleet Academy. Her original intent was to become a helmsman on a Starfleet vessel, and eventually maybe a commander, but an abysmal performance on the Kobyshi Maru, quuckly dampened any hopes that she had at becoming Captain of a Starfleet vessel. She fired a full spread of photon torpedoes at the Maru, to prevent it's capture, which she is on record for saying, "But dammit, sir! That's better than letting the enemy capture them!"

Her record in the Academy went under review for her dismissal from the Academy, but some instructors that had taken a liking to Lyssia convinced the review board that, although she may not be suited for a helmsman nor a Captain's position, surely there must be SOMETHING in Starfleet that she would be qualified to do. They also took into account her training in Bunjinkan Ninjitsu and Aikeido, but moreso toward the former to help explain the It's better than being captured by the enemy comment, and that she would be an excellent candidate for Security on a Starfleet vessel, with all of her extensive martial arts background. The board then refused to continue her admittance in Starfleet, so Nightsuki turned to the Starfleet Marine Corps. Soon after her first term in the Marines, Starfleet academy (upon seeing her immaculate service record) readmitted her to Starfleet academy to complete her final year. She has since been ever so determined to show the old Board at the academy, just how wrong they were in dismissing her the first time through.

(Player: Alan Owens)

Liridian, Steven Benjamin
Height: 6' (He hasn't finished growing just yet. =))
Born: Apr. 19 Tianjin, China
Age: about 21
Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, French
Eyes: Brown
Hobbies: Solving mysteries, tinkering
Personality: Inquisitive, occasionally eccentric

Siblings: Sonya Allison, Amira Clare

As of this point, Amira has just vanished, Steven was between assignments at the time, he has investigators oout trying to find out what happens. Sal is, of course, on Venture. He should be a Lt. jg (I think)

Note, he is the same character as the one in the OPS stuff, and he is about to board APache right now in the future.

(Player: Christina Shuy)

Name: Michael McGuire
Race: Human
Age: 26
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220Lbs
Rank: Lt. J.G.

Mr. McGuire served aboard the starship U.S.S. Yorktown as Asst. Comm. Officer. He was instrumental in identifying a rogue Klingon Bird of Prey whose transponder indicated that it was a freighter from the Belugian Cluster. His quick thinking won him a promotion to Lt. J.G., a rank that he has kept to date despite his transfer to the U.S.S. Kiity Hawk. His role on the Kitty Hawk was to interpret any hostile action as being anti-federation. Having found no such actions, he was ordered to stay aboard the Kitty Hawk, and act as an observant of the activities of said starship.

(Player: Jim Kimmel)

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