First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Chapter One: A Little Trouble Brews (And We Haven't Even Launched)! (Part B)

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Telic easily found his way to deck 12 and was under a panel working on the fire control for torpedo bays 1 & 2 when a young engineer came up to him and said " SIR!"

The sudden noise caused Telic to bump his head, almost twisting an antenna half off. "Frexash" he swore in andorian. "What is it Jonesy"

"Sir, the XO is looking for you in I hear"

"Well, am I supposed to be impressed?", said Telic giving him that don't you have anything more important to do,"Thank you Jonesy, but you would probably be better off dealing with the phaser coolant array and let me deal with the xo. If he has half a brain I am sure he can handle the directions that Phillips will give him. If not I can use the peace and quiet to get this ship ready"

"Aye sir, are you coming to the poker game in the lounge later?"

"Wouldn't miss it, now hop to it lad"

Jones ran off to continue his work and Telic stuck his head back under the control console, and he found himself wondering what the new xo would be like. If he is anything like other xo he probably would want the status report that Telic had on going, he wasn't ready to send it yet, for he still had, according to offical order, two days, but knowing impatient captains, commanders, and Starfleet, they would probably want it ready sooner. Good thing engineering had gone to four shifts instead of three.

Zakal saw the Ceo disappear under the console. He walked over and stood watching the man work for a moment. He kicked the officer's boot lightly. "Mr. Telic, don't stop what you're doing, we all have a lot to accomplish before the Captain arrives I'm the XO and. I just wanted to come down and introduce myself and see if there was anything you needed down here.

The being attached to the booted feet remained silent.

I got your name from one of the techs. My name is Zakal.

Again, silence.

If I can do anything for you, let me know. I'm making an informal tour of the ship.

Still the silent treatment.

I'll see you later. This talk has been very stimulating."

Telic crawled out from under the console.

"Sorry commander, I couldn't hear you under there." He looked through the tool kit that sat near the console. "Nah, that wrench was all I needed. By the way, welcome aboard. Almost all fine tuning that can be done in dock is complete. The rest of it will have to be ironed out once we start out."

"Thank you, Mr Telic. I look forward to our further association. For now, I guess I'll just wander around and see who else I can keep from their work. Good day."

Traydon was on the Starbase, relaxing in the Officer's Lounge drinking coffe and admiring the Kitty Hawk, which was visible through the wall-sized window.


The sound took him by surprise, and a couple seconds passed before he realised it was his communicator. He reached behind him, and pulled it off his belt, flipping it open.

"Chance here. Go ahead." he said.

"Kitty Hawk, sir. The new Security Chief, Lt. Cmdr. Cain, has come aboard, and requests a meeting with both you and Commander Zakal."

"Thank you." Chance replied. "Have both Cmdr. Zakal and Lt. Cmdr. Cain come to the Officer's Lounge aboard the Starbase, please."

He closed the communicator and replaced it. He then went back to his coffee and waited for his officers to arrive.

Cain saw the responding message from Chance on his screen and stood. He stepped to the wall and touched a button on the comm panel. "Cain to Executive Security Officer. Our meeting will have to wait. Inform me of any occurances."

Cain stepped out of his chambers and absently rubbed his lips again, just to make sure all of the farewell kiss' traces were gone.

A few moments later, Cain arrived in the Officer's Lounge in the starbase. He stepped across the room to his new commanding officer.

Nic was a stocky man, in good physical condition. Numerous scars dotted his face, the most impressive of which lay on his cheek. His graying hair was pulled tight over his head, and tied in a pony tail in the back. Cain stopped before Chance, legs spread shoulder-wide, arms behind his back.

"Captain Chance, Nicodemus Cain, Chief of Security."

Soon all that could be done before leaving space dock, was complete. Engineering was ten hours ahead of schedule. Now all that was left was cleanup, which would go smoothly thought Telic. He spoke into the datapad.

"Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 7260.7. Lcdr. Telic reporting.

All the last minute modifications that can be done before leaving dock have been completed to the Kitty Hawk. All that is left is cleanup. I am having the second shift run Level 1 diagnostics to catch any minute things that may have been missed. End Log."

Telic found a note about the transfer of command ceremony for Captain Chance, he replied to the captain's account,"Is transfer of command a dress uniform occasion?"

He then left for the evening and got some food and got ready to play poker with the other off-duty engineering team.

Zakal got the message to report to the Captain aboard the Space Station. He made his way to the turbolift and went to the Bridge. There he found the Duty Officer and told him that he would be joining the Capt on the starbase, and that the DO has the Bridge.

He again headed to the turbolift and made his way to Transporter Room 3. He told the operator where he was going. The operator keyed in the coordinates and activated the beam. Zakal materialised in the Transporter Room of the Starbase. He then made his way to the Officer's Lounge.

The captain and security chief were already there.

Chance noticed Cain walk in, notice him, and approach. As he got nearer, Chance could make out the scars on his face.

[The man has seen a lot of pain.] he thought.

Chance stood to greet him. Cain came to "at ease" , and formally introduced himself.

"No need for ceremony, commander." Chance replies. "I'd like to keep this meeting informal. Please sit down." He motions to a chair.

Chance himself was about to sit when Zakal came in and joined them. Chance quickly stood again, with a slight protest from his back.

"Captain Chance?" he asked, extending his hand. "I'm sorry I took a little while to get here, but I had to secure the Bridge before I could beam down. It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir."

Chance was puzzled by this: usually, Vulcans don't like to be touched by non-Vulcans; the touch triggers telepathic contact. But Zakal didn't come across as a typical Vulcan. H*ll, he didn't come across as Vulcan at all. The man was practically gushing emotion, by Vulcan standards.

Maybe he wasn't full Vulcan. Chance would have to ask him, or look over his personnel file at a later date. For now, he just smiled warmly, and took the extended hand.

Chance was glad he had a good poker face; the man certainly had Vulcan strength.

Zakal turned to Cain. "Cmdr. Cain. It is good to meet you also."

"The feeling is mutal, I'm sure," Cain said, trying to mask his uneasiness about the first officer. Cain studied him, trying to 'read' him and understand him. He'd read that he wasn't a Vulcan, though he was Vulcanoid, and that spurred many questions in his mind, the greatest of which was if Zakal could still use his psychic powers without the temperance of logic. Cain had always trusted Vulcans because of their pacific nature, but this Zakal didn't have such 'inconveniences.' Cain steeled himself up, hoping to prevent his thoughts from betraying him.

If there was one thing Cain hated, it was espionage he couldn't counter.

Zakal looked directly at Cain. He says,"Yes, Commander. I do have the same blood that runs thru the veins of a Vulcan, after all, my ancestors came from that planet." He saw Cains eyes narrow. "No I'm not reading your mind, Commander, it's just that your thoughts are written all over your face. In case you're wondering, I can mind-meld, and read some people's surface thoughts if I really concentrate for a while, but my people only meld with those they love and are close to. I'm not a demon from some Vulcan nether-world. I assure you that I won't be prying into anyone's thoughts without their knowledge and consent---unless ordered to by the Captain." Zakal smiled at Cain.

"Yes, sir," Cain stated. "Understood, sir. I apologize if I've offended you."

Zakal smiled again. "You have not offended me, Commander. First meetings are always er... awkward. As I said, I am looking forward to working with you. Your record is exemplary."

Cain visibly winced at the comment. Memories of his court martial and short imprisonment suddenly came flooding back to him. He sighed a bit, and mustered up his best military monotone, "Yes, sir." He then turned to the Captain.

[Cmdr. Cain will have to loosen up and realize that this is a new ship and a new start,] Zakal thought to himself.

"No need for ceremony, gentlemen." Chance replied. "I'd like to keep this meeting informal. Please have a seat." He motioned to the chairs around the table and sat down.

Cain, uncomfortable with the informality, began to sit. However, he waited on the Vulcanoid, remaining standing, unconsciously still in the 'at ease' posture.

Zakal also sat watching the Captain expectantly. The smile he wore still tickled the corner of his lips.

Cain at last relented and sat.

"I like informal meetings," Chance restated, "it's easier to get to know people. Most of my friends call me Chance; for some reason, saying 'Traydon' all the time is a bit tongue-weary. Would either of you care for a drink?" he asked.

"Nothing for me, Sir. Thanks." Zakal looked around the room. "Y'know, it's funny. I must've been on this station dozens of times, but this is the first time I've ever been in the Officer's Lounge. Very nice."

"No, sir, thank you." Cain stumbled again, suddenly feeling very stupid for feeling so awkward. "Thank you...Chance." The words escaped his lips with much concentration. Cain then realized that he was actually nervous. He knew this may be his last chance to fly in a starship, and the thought had thrown him off. He sat back, trying to recite Colonel Green's Methods of Guerilla Warfare. That usually calmed him down.

"As you may or may not know, this will be my first command. I've been a captain all of three days now, and I'm liable to make some mistakes. Everyone does. I don't look for perfection in those under my command. All I ask is that you do your job the best you can. I appreciate candidness; don't be afraid to speak your mind.

"I'd like to know what you expect of me, and what I can expect from you. Please feel free to speak freely."

"Sir, all I wish to say is that Your ship and well-being are my primary concern. If there is anything you need, day or night call me. I don't sleep much anyway. This is my first post an XO, but I was second Officer under Capt. Garrovick for several years. Any insights that I have learned will be yours.

Cain waited for the first officer to speak, and then answered his Captain.

"Sir, what you can expect from me is Security, pure and simple, of the Federation, the ship, and of the members of both, in that order. We will be patroling an area bordering with hostiles I know more than I'd like, and I know the danger inherent there.

"I will follow your commands to the letter, assuming they do not conflict with Star Fleet Regulation. There are certain situations, of which I am extremely qualified for, in which I request a certain amount of autonomy. As you know, Admiral Reese has requested that I designate a team of Hostile Rescue Specialists. I intend, with your permission, to request a group of people outside of our regular contingent, composed of Star Fleet Marines, Star Fleet Security Personnel, and Star Fleet Intelligence Personnel. These individuals will be a normal part of Security until a situation arises where you order the team into activation. From that point, until the team has completed its mission or failed, they would be under my direct command. All of their actions, I would take responsibility for, and the only necessary communications with the vessel would be only for beam-up after mission completion." Cain paused a moment.

"This autonomy, I believe is necessary for completion of missions of this sort. I stress that, at all other times, these individuals would be normal security officers, due all entitlements and duties of those stations. However, when the need arises for a hostile rescue, this team would become 'activated,' by your command.

Before Chance could reply, his communicator sounded.

"This is beginning to be annoying." said the voice in the dark. The man at his feet was the third to be easily eliminated since he borded the ship. Even that had been too easy. No shields, minimal security. "If only I had known, I would have simply beamed aboard," the visitor commented while removing his bulky extra-vehicular suit.

The man looked to the computer console on his left.

"Computer," the voice was calm,"this is Lieutenant Alex Phocas. Executive Security Officer. Request Security Access."


"Display ship tactical schematics for decks 1,2 and 7"

He scanned the various schematics for a few minutes then cleared the screen and tied the now uncounscious marines who had tried to stop him from using the airlock. He looked at their identifications.

"Computer, record one blame for the following personnel," he listed the names and moved to the exit, "and one more blame to all for sleeping on the job!"

The door swished closed behind him.

Phocas moved easily through the Jefferies tubes and the still quiet corridors until he reached his destination: Deck 7. The location of the Brig was inconvenient but he would have to tolerate it for a while. The door swished open and he casually smiled to the people inside...

When he stepped out, no guard was left standing and quite a number of reprimands had been distributed to the computer.

"Someone should tell these kids not to attack before checking if the intruder has a phaser first." Phocas said to himself.

He finally reached his final destination.

"I think it's time to meet the senior staff," he looked up,"Computer, run program P.A.L.1!"

On the bridge, the duty officer was patiently recording the list of new personnel to be passed to Cdr. Zakal when then computer suddenly screamed:


"Specify!" roared the DO.


"Red Alert!" said the DO, "Security to Armory, security breach in progress," he turned to the COM, "Inform Lt. Cmdr. Cain of the situation."


"Kitty Hawk, Sir. Lt. Karsin. We have a Level One security alert in the armory."

Cain inwardly smiled, relieved of the situation. "With your permission, Sirs..."

Chance heard the call from the Kitty Hawk, and granted Cain permission to check it out.

Cain flipped open his comm grid. "Transporter room, this is Cain. Beam me up, immediately!"

After Cain dematerialised, Chance stood up.

"Commander..." he said, suggesting Zakal accompany him to the docking port where the starship was berthed.

Zakal simply nods and rises to follow his Captain. "Looks to be interesting shake down cruise, Sir."

"The Admiralty probably won't like my going aboard before the ceremony, but I never liked formalities."

"I must admit that I don't much like them either, Captain, but in this case I think that protocol is secondary to the well being of the ship."

They reached the dock and went aboard. They entered through the starboard torpedo docking port, and Chance was momentarily struck by the sight of the torpedo bay. It was impressive, to say the least.

But the surprise did not last long. Something was going on aboard his ship, and he wasn't about to let sightseeing distract him from getting to the bottom of it.

Chance led the way into the corridor and began a search for any other irregu- larities.

Telic was working on the impulse diagnostic when the security intruder alert went off. His attennae shifted a bit. "Now that's odd, in spacedock and we have an intruder alert. Allright, secure engineering I doubt this is real but we need to be prepared." He went to the comm panel and pressed it, "Engineering to bridge. Is the intruder alert real?"

The DO replied, "Commander Telic, the intruder alert appears legitimate, location, Armory. Security detail has already been dispatched to investigate."

"Keep me apprised. Telic out."

Only a moment passed before Cain saw the familiar blue swirl of his own molecules before his eyes. When the swirl cleared, he spoke into the grid again.

"Cain to Communications. I want six security officers in heavy armor, carrying phaser rifles to report to the armory. They are to await my orders there. Have them bring an extra rifle for me. Please use personal communications only, as shipboard communications may be compromised."

Moments later, Cain stood before the door to the armory with his security men. "Alright gentlemen, we have a hostile intruder in the armory. We must assume he's utilized the armory to the best of its ability. There is only one way in and one way out of there."

Cain paused, reading their faces. "You and you," he said, pointing in turn, "Remain by the door. Fire upon anything attempting egress. The rest of you will come in with me. I'll take point. Set rifles to heavy stun and keep firing until the intruder is immobile and unconscious." Cain nodded and touched the panel on the door.

"What is taking them so long?" Phocas muttered. He flashed a quick grin. "Probably waiting for a report."

Phocas now used his marines body armor. The Quartermaster had objected to the request telling him it wasn't regulation. Phocas had then, seriously, pointed out that the standard officer's uniform was too easy to spot for a potential enemy. They generally start shooting at the leader as soon as they figure out who it is.

"I like my head just where it is, thank you." he said to himself. That's when an all-too-well-known sound told him someone was trying to bypass his magnetic locks on the door.

"Let's close the lights, shall we?" The computer obediently lowered the lights.

"Damn," Cain whispered to himself. He pried the panel open next to the door and tried to short out the magnetic locks.

Darkness concealed Phocas. The doors swished open, and an armed man stepped through. One quick pull on the rope, stretching from one wall to the other, quickly brought the newcomer down on his face. "The oldest tricks are the best," called Phocas. Surprisingly, his opponent didn't stay there for long. Like a cat, he jumped for the lighting controls.

Phocas could now see the man with a phaser in his hands. The numerous scars on his face could only point to one man.

"Computer, end simulation," the alarm went off. Phocas came to attention. "Lieutenant Alex Phocas reporting for duty, sir!"

Without so much as a nod, Cain shouted to the security officers behind him, "Fire!" He, himself, yanked back the trigger.

It had been a while since he'd had the pleasure of being in a combat situation, and he enjoyed the little exercise.

After the hail of fire upon the standing man from all five security officers, Cain stepped forward. "That'll keep him," Cain muttered to himself. Cain turned to his officers, "Well done, gentlemen. Take this individual to the brig. I want to know who he is and how he got in here."

"Sir," one of the men spoke up. He was sporting a bruise on his eye that Cain hadn't noticed before. "That's Lieutenant Phocas, your Executive Security Chief."

Cain nodded. He hadn't wanted to believe that the individual laying below him was Phocas. "Take this son-of-a-bitch to the brig."

Cain turned a button on his comm grid. "Cain to Medical. Please send an individual to the brig immediately. We have an individual with heavy stun burns that may require assistance. Cain out."

"Dr. Rogers here. On my way." Ensign Calinda Rogers grabbed a medikit, and as she hurried out of Sickbay, she muttered aloud, "We haven't even left dock yet, and we're already handling casualties."

She arrived in the brig only seconds before Cain and his party.

The medic approached the group, tricorder in hand. "Not until he's secure behind a force field, ensign." The ensign seemed to want to protest, but she understood an order when she heard it.

The security team dropped Phocas to the floor. "I want him stripped and clothed in standard Star Fleet prisoner's uniform. I want a FULL search of his person as soon as our medic here is finished with his examination. He'll be pulling no tricks in there."

Rogers fumed silently while the security made her wait to examine the prisoner, who was dressed in a marine uniform. This was the latest of several patients she had seen over the past half hour, all in Star Fleet security uniforms.

When she was finally allowed inside the cell, she motioned to two of the guards and said, "Get him up on the bunk." After this was done, she took readings of the unconscious man with her medicorder. "What the h*ll? This man has been received multiple heavy stuns." She quickly adjusted her hypospray and pressured its contents into the patient's neck. Checking her 'corder again, she sighed in relief and turned her attention, and her fury upon the security chief.

"Lieutenant Commander Whatever-Your-Name-Is," Rogers replied, her black eyes snapping and her voice betraying her barely controlled anger. "I'm sure that it was not necessary for you and your men to stun this man to within an inch of his life. He'll be alright, no thanks to you. I strongly suggest you find a less aggressive means to handle your prisoners."

"It's Cain, Doctor," Cain answered, keeping with her firm tone. He liked her, she had that sort of fire he appreciated. "Doctor, he wasn't a prisoner when he received the wounds. Besides, I wouldn't think of telling you how to do your job, and I know you wouldn't do the same." Cain paused for a moment, and stared into the brig. He thought again and looked back to Rogers. "And before you take that tone again, I'd suggest asking permission, ensign. Don't let your temporary status go to your head, we still have ranks around here."

"Until Dr. Thomas arrives, I've been given the dubious honor of serving as medical officer, and THAT gives me the authority. Are you the one who put five other security officers in Sickbay?

"No, he is." Cain stated, indicating the prisoner.

After doing a final check on the prisoner to confirm that he was sleeping naturally, Rogers left for Sickbay with a warning to call her if there were any problems.

"Don't worry, Doc, you'll be the first I'll call." Cain turned back to the cell and waited for his prisoner to awaken.

(End of Part B)

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