First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Chapter Two-A: The Crew Begins to Arrive

Before we begin, a bit of business. As always, Star Trek, its characters, events, etc., are the property of Paramount. There are also occasional references to characters or events created by authors of published Star Trek novels. Their influence is gratefully acknowledged.

However, the principal and non-principal characters created by the players and/or gamemaster of the USS Kitty Hawk campaign and the narrative created from their roleplaying are their exclusive property.

[ Carter Wilson: "In Chapter One, we met Capt. Traydon Chance, the Centauran who is preparing to take his first command, his exec, Cdr. Zakal of Eltanin-3, Andorian chief engineer LCdr. Rel Telic, and LCdr. Nicodemus Cain, Kitty Hawk's Chief of Security, from Izar.

We also had a little excitement when Cain's new exec, Lt. Alex Phocas, decided to test the ship's security system by taking its Armory. A brief confrontation ended when Cain and his men stunned Phocas to unconsciousness. The incident created tension between the two men, a tension which promises to worsen over time.

In Chapters Two, the remaining officers introduce themselves. We begin to get a sense of the people into whose hands the fate of the Federation will soon fall.]

After Phocas left, Cain flipped a few buttons on his computer and spoke. "Communications, where is the captain?"

"Captain Chance has transported back to Starbase," a masculine voice spoke to him over the comm unit.

"Understood. Thank you, Comm." Cain stood and walked down the corridor to the transporter room. He entered the room and paused next to the door, pressing the button on the Comm panel.

"Cain to Phocas. Lieutenant, I'll be going to spacedock to speak with the Captain. Insure that all security officers who have reported for duty are present at the meeting. That is all."

"Yes, Sir," the security exec's voice replied.

Cain stepped up onto the tranporter pad and looked to the chief.

"Chief, transport me to Starbase, to the same coordinates the Captain used.

"Yes, sir," the chief responded, checking the record of Chance's transport.

When Cain reformed on Starbase, he asked the chief in their transporter room where the nearest officer's lounge was. Cain walked down the corridor and entered. He nodded at his Captain as he stepped across the room to where he was sitting.

"Sir..." Cain closed his eyes for a moment, forgetting himself. "Chance,... can we continue our conversation that we were having before that little interruption?"

Chance sipped his coffee and looked at the security chief.

"Mr. Cain, I want everyone to be comfortable working with me and each other. If you prefer calling me "sir", then by all means do so," he said and motioned for him to take a seat.

"Thank you, Sir," Cain said, with a minute sigh of relief. Stiffly, he took a seat across from his captain. "I'd like to continue the conversation we were having before the Intruder Alert was sounded, concerning autonomy during rescue missions. These people in the HRT know me and I know them, that's why I selected them. With all due respect, sir, I believe they, and I, would operate best under the conditions outlined. They would be handling some of the training of the security crew while not 'active' and, as such, be treated as normal members of Ship's Security. However, when 'activated' by your orders, you merely give us an objective, and we complete it, no questions asked."

Chance thought a moment. "I'm familiar with this type of team, and it makes sense. I have no problem allowing the HRT autonomy, but I want them and you to remember: we are not at war with anyone. There may be incidents with the Klingons and Romulans from time to time, but the Kitty Hawk's mission is primarily peaceful. With all due respect, I will use the HRT as a last resort only. But if they are used, it's your call from then on."

"Understood, Sir, and agreed. In fact, I would prefer you not utilize the HRT too liberally." Cain actually etched out some creases on his face that, when mixed with his scars, seem to form a horrific snarl. A little close examination, however, revealed he might actually be smiling.

Chance finished his coffee. "Anything else?"

"No, Sir." Cain stood and extended his hand.

The captain stood and clasped his security chief's hand. "I look forward to working with you, Commander."

"Thank you, Sir."

Security exec Alex Phocas left Cain's office with a small grin on his face. "Here's for round one," he looked at his chronometer again, "Now let's proceed with round two." He stopped at the first terminal.

"Computer. Confirm that all security section heads have reported for duty."

The M-6 computer supplied the requested information.


Phocas cocked an eyebrow at the computer's reply and asked."State name, rank, section and duties of the missing officer."


"Inform all security section heads to be present in the officers lounge no later than seventeen fifty hundred hours. NO ONE will be late." Satisfied, Phocas proceeded to sickbay using, once again today, one of the many service crawlways of the ship.

His past experience had shown enlisted men, and officers alike, sometimes used these as hiding place for "personal items" such as Romulan ale and the like. Phocas had every intention to squash that habit before it started.

Admiral Reese, Spacedock's commander, and the special guest sat comfortably together, reminising and getting smashed, in the admiral's quarters.

"Have you seen the Kitty Hawk yet?" Reese asked before taking a sip of the 200-year-old Kentucky whiskey he grasped in his hand.

"You know I haven't," the mystery guest replied, his brandy snifter now empty of the potent Saurian potable for the second time. "You nearly shanghaied me from the shuttle before I could. Why?"

"Well, now,... I was just thinking that its VIP lounge would make a better place for the reception. That way, all of the crew can attend."

"I'm sure Chance'll appreciate it."

Reese nodded and reached for the comm switch. After one miss, he managed to activate it and call his assistant.


Captain Traydon Chance
Commander Zakal

Re: Transfer of Command, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, NCC-1863

Inspection of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk will begin at 1600 hours, Stardate 7261.

Official Transfer of Command, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, to Captain Traydon Chance will be held on board the Kitty Hawk immediately after the inspection. Attendance by Kitty Hawk officers is expected.

Adm. Artemus Reese

Deputy Chief, Star Fleet Operations

Zakal looked at the admiral's communique displayed on the pad in his hand, and he removed the head gear from his weary head. Suddenly the images of his home and wives were gone, the holopics replaced by the lightly colored walls of his cabin. He put the head gear aside and brushed away the thoughts of the warm bodies of his wives.

Moving to his desk in the suite's ajoining room, he activated his computer console. "Computer..."

[WORKING...] came the reply from M-6.

"Show me the deck break-down of this ship."

Zakal viewed the screen for a few moments, making notes as he went. When he was finished, he activated his comm on the ship-wide band.

"Attention all hands...

The schedule for tomorrow's inspection and transfer of command follows:

1600 hours: Greet the Captain, the Admiral and his party on Deck H.
Inspection of the Laundry, and fabricators will commence at 1610.

1620: Inspection of lower recreation areas and anti-matter storage.

1630: Inspection of cargo bays and transporters.

1640: Inspection of Auxilliary Control and Escape Pods

1655: Greet Lcdr. Telic and inspect Hangar Bays.

1700: Inspection of Engineering.

1710: Inspection of Photon Torpedo systems.

1720: Inspection of sensor arrays and contol systems.

1725: Inspection of Sickbay, Transporter Rooms, Brig, Science Labs.

1740: Inspection of Crew Quarters.

1750: Inspection of Commissary and Officer's Lounge.

1800: Inspection of Security.

1810: Dress Review of Bridge Staff Officers and Bridge Inspection.

1820: Informal Gathering on Bridge. All Senior Oficers are to report.

1830: Transfer of Command Ceremony on the Bridge. All Senior Officers non-duty personnel to attend. Ceremony will be available for viewing on lounge monitors throughout the ship.

1900: Reception in the Officers' Lounge. All off-duty personnel are invited.

"That is all."

A minor repair in engineering had not taken as long as Chief Engineer Telic thought. He returned to the game and soon lost as much as he was willing to do. The Andorian departed and headed to his quarters. He noted the ceremony agenda. Damn he hated dress attire. He went to bed and set his alarm for an hour before his shift was scheduled to begin.

Mayreeka stood in front of her bed at the academy. Graduation was finally over, and she had just received her orders to report to the Kitty Hawk. Her father was waiting in the holding area for her to arrive. He wanted to see here off before leaving on her first tour of duty.

"I can't believe that it is finally over. I did it! Father is very pleased. I don't know what to expect on this new ship, but I will do the best I can. I don't want anything to stand in my way of taking my revenge for my mother." Mayreeka said to herself in the mirror.

She placed her final belongings into a traveling case looks around her room for the final time. She opened her door and started to leave, but a fellow graduate stopped her and roughly pushed her back into the room. She tried to pull away from the ensign, but he got the upper hand. Even while she struggled he whispered in her ear.

"I can't believe you took these orders. I thought you really like me. I'm in love with you! I can't let you leave!"

"I'm leaving whether you like it or not! It is illogical to not allow someone to take their Star Fleet orders. I have graduated and it is illogical to stay here with you. Love is illogical."

"You didn't say that when we were together last night before the graduation ceremony. You didn't act very logical. You are now a different person!"

Seeing her impassive face, he let her go. She rose to her feet, straightened her uniform, and said, coolly, "I am leaving now. Your emotions are irrelevant and inappropriate."

She picked up her traveling case, opened the door and left. After entering the turbolift she let out a deep sigh.

"That was too close. I must watch myself more closely from now on. I will not have the freedom that I had here."


Mayreeka realized that she was holding up the turbolift. "Shuttle bay 6."

When the doors open, she was met by her father, Tarbek.

"You will be the best medical specialist that the Kitty Hawk could ask. It is an honor that they have asked for you."

"Thank you, Father. I must go to the shuttle now. I must not be late."

Tarbek nodded then lifted his hand in a well-recognized salute. "Live long and prosper, my Daughter." Without another word, he turned to leave. Mayreeka did not watch him depart, knowing there would be a tear in his eye. She did not want to see his emotion on this day, or she just might have given away her own emotions.

The shuttle pilot welcomed her aboard, and he immediately began his launch sequence. Mayreeka turned into herself. The trip should only take 23.2 minutes to complete, but she was not sure what to expect. She closed her eyes and let the pilot do his job.

Pilot's voice called to her, "Excuse me. We are arriving at the Kitty Hawk. I thought you might like a few moments to wake up before docking sequence."

Mayreeka was amazed that she had fallen asleep. She generally didn't sleep much, but there had been many activities during the last few days.

"Thank you. I am awake now. And where is the Kitty Hawk?"

"Right there!" He points out the port window.

It is a wondrous sight. A newly commissioned starship. Many activities and workmen were around the ship. She was still in her dock. The pilot began his final approach.

After landing in the shuttle bay, Mayreeka started for the door of the shuttle. It immediately came open. An officer was standing on the other side of the shuttle's door.

"Welcome aboard the Kitty Hawk, Mayreeka." Zakal said.

She nodded to the Vulcanoid first officer. She knew that he did not want to be associated with Vulcans. "Thank you, Sir. Are you showing me to my quarters?"

"Yes. Please follow me."

As they walked, Zakal noted how much this Vulcan medic reminds him of his third wife, Selyx. He watched her graceful movements as she walked. "I have already sent the schedule for tomorrow's ceremonies to the crew. You can access it via the computer. The inspections start at 1600 hours tomorrow. We will arrive in Sickbay and the labs for inspection at 1725."

Just before arriving at her quarters she heard two crewmen talking about her name. Her fists started to tighten.

"Ensign? Is there a problem?" Zakal realized that the woman was hiding something. Her reaction was very similar to his at being called a Vulcan.

"No, Sir!"

{There it is again...that knee-jerk reaction. she is hiding something} he thought to himself.

"Here is your quarters. I hope you will be comfortable."

"Thank you. I am sure I will be."

After the door closed to separate them, she placed her traveling case on the floor and surveyed the room. It was a standard junior officer's quarters, with a mirrored dresser, bed with overhead bookshelf, and single chair. Through the room's only other door, she could see the outline of the sonic shower and knew that the bathroom was also equipped with a human indulgence, a jacuzzi tub with shower.

"Well here I am! What kind of adventure have I got myself into?" she said quietly to herself.

Before she could move farther into her quarters, the communit sounded. "Doctor Mayreeka, report to sickbay immediately."

"Acknowledged," she replied. She picked up the case and crossed the short distance to the dresser to set it there.

A moment later her door chimed. When she opened the door, Zakal was standing there. "Ensign, may I speak to you for a moment?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir. I must inform you, however, that I have been ordered to sick bay and have acknowledged that I am on my way. May we speak along the way?

"That is fine. We can talk as we go to Sickbay. Ensign, I am quite observant, and I could not help but notice how you bristled for a moment when we were walking down the corridor. Something is bothering you and I want to know what it is---please,"

Mayreeka and Zakal get to the turbolift and enter. "Deck G." Zakal says.

"Permission to speak freely, Sir?"

"Of course, Ensign."

"I don't like crewmen talking about my name. My mother and father selected my name. I know it is not truly Vulcan, but it is my name! I find it very inappropriate for crewmen to make rude comments about officers. I believe this answers your question. Will there be anything else?"

The doors to the turbolift opened, and Zakal stepped aside so that Mayreeka could exit before following her into the corridor.

"I see," he said, returning to her side as they walked. "You are right, of course, that such comments are inappropriate, and I hope I do not pry. But I am responsible for the well-being of the crew of this ship, and when I see a fellow officer in distress, I must try to find out the cause and do what I can to rectify or mollify."

"I do understand you concern and that concern is appropriate. I assure you that I will try to be more tolerant, Sir."

Zakal made a right turn at the end of the corridor. "I seem to recall your name. I have never seen that particular spelling, but on Earth in area once known as Flanders, the name Marieke is both respected and venerable. It also translates roughly as 'chosen' or 'hallowed' one. The next time someone makes fun of your name, you might remind them of that."

"You are well informed with the background of the name. My parents chose to change the spelling but not the meaning. My parents wanted me to be respected. My father is the reason that I took this assignment."

As they neared the entrance to sickbay, Zakal smiled at the young officer. "Ah. Here we are. I hope that I have not made you uncomfortable, Ensign Mayreeka, and I look forward to seeing you at the ceremony and inspection tomorrow. I trust that Sickbay will be ship-shape."

"I am sure that all will be to your approval, Sir."

"... The five security guards who were treated here received various injuries, ranging from a mild concussion to a broken wrist. The specifics of each case are appended to this report. Security exec Alex Phocas was treated for severe phaser stun symptoms and has recovered fully. Details are also appended. End medical log."

Dr. Calinda Rogers shut off the computer access and went back to working on the inventory that had been interrupted with the arrival of the first casualties from Security. She was still grumbling to herself about the physical damage the security personnel had inflicted upon one another.

"... And the ship had not even launched yet," she muttered to herself as she punched information into her pad with a little more strength than was necessary.

[Gamemaster's note: this is just a li'l bit on Calinda, one of my favorite npcs (non-principal character). She's human, 5'6", dark-honey brown skin. She was born on Deneva (see TOS "Operation--Annihilate!") and is 25-years-old. She did not attend Starfleet Academy, but, based on her experience in exobiology and medicine, she was given the ensign rank when she volunteered. Calinda still considers herself a doctor before an officer (that's why she stood up to Cain that way).]

She was just finished confirming the placement of newly ordered equipment when the door *whooshed* opened and a Vulcan female entered the room.

"May I help you, Ensign?" Rogers asked.

"I am Ensign Mayreeka. My orders were to report immediately. I am the new Medical Specialist. How are the patients?"

Rogers nodded her head in greeting since she knew that many Vulcans did not appreciate physical contact. "Hi," she said with a smile, "I'm Calinda Rogers. Welcome on board the Kitty Hawk.

"I would have been here sooner but I was delayed by Cmdr. Zakal. Please brief me so that I may assume my duties."

"No problem. Things are pretty quiet, now."

She quickly brought Mayreeka up-to-speed on the incident earlier that day. "Thank goodness none of the patients are seriously injured," Rogers said. "They were all treated and released within the last hour.

"Dr. Thomas, the CMO, hasn't arrived yet, so I've been holding the fort until then. Right now, the main thing is getting everything ready for the inspection tomorrow afternoon. I was just checking our equipment against the manifest from the quartermaster. Why don't I show you around, then we can finish this up together."

"That is fine," Mayreeka replied. "I would like to see the equipment that has been installed on this type of ship. I am sure it will be interesting. I will then be willing to finish the inventory check."

"Of course," Rogers replied. Since they were standing in the intensive care unit, she gestured to the nurse's station. "From here, a staff person can monitor the lifesigns of each patient. There are eight beds here, which is more than doubled the number available in the older Constitution-Class ships."

"This seems very logical and appropriate for this ship's complement. I know the rest of the medical staff should have no problem adapting to the monitoring system. Now can we tour the main examination room."

Leading Mayreeka to the left, they entered the main examination room. Dominating the room was a state-of-the-art micro-diagnostic table. There was also a mini-transporter unit across the room. "We can now beam samples directly to the medical labs on board," Rogers explained.

"The whole room is completely efficient. I can see how each part of the room will be used to its fullest extent."

Mayreeka was having trouble keeping her mind on the tour. She hated small talk, but she knew that humans liked to just "chat". She never fully understood the concept, and she responded to Rogers' occasional attempts in monosyllables. Her mind also drifted back to Cmdr. Zakal and their encounter before she came to sickbay.

There was a second door leading out of the examining room. "That leads to the CMO's office and laboratory." The two women walked back the way they came from and passed through the intensive care unit to a sterile passageway, which led to the cryogenic storage unit. From there, they entered the operating theatre.

"I can see that all of this new technology will be very useful for all types of medical purposes." Mayreeka stated.

"Well, that's it for Sickbay. When you have time, you should visit the medical labs. Do you have any questions?"

"Well as far as I can tell, everything is completely understandable. Thank you for the tour. Why don't we get started with the work at hand."

"Well, let's get the inventory finished." Rogers handed a pad to Mayreeka. "You check the medical supplies while I work on the equipment list."

"I see that you have done a proficient amount of work prior to my arrival. Let us see if we can finish before Dr. Thomas arrives."

Mayreeka began the boring work of counting the inventory. She still had trouble keeping her mind on her work. She was curious about her immediate superior and also the elusive Commander Zakal. She again wondered what she had gotten herself into, and they had not even left the dock!

(End of Part A)

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