First Mission: A Question of Time/The Quest

Narrative Compiled by The Singin' One
Gamemaster, USS Kitty Hawk Roleplaying Campaign

Chapter Two-D: The Crew Begins to Arrive

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Zakal had pulled an all-nighter overseeing preparations. Stifling a yawn, he finally felt he could consider turning the bridge over to the duty officer for a few hours.

Finding nothing untoward from his sensor scans, Zakal then did yet another diagnostic of the Science library computers and other stations on the ship.

Things must have been going too smoothly, because a message arrived just as he turned to give the order.




M-6 showed receipt of design specs for duty and dress uniforms for all departments and specs for the new communicators. Ninety percent of all personnel have reported for duty. Stations showed varying levels of preparation based on diagnostics results, with only one lower than 90 percent.

Zakal sighed heavily and looked down at the picture of the new uniforms. He then looked wistfully down at his blue shirt with the twin twists of gold braid. Sighing again, he punched his comm switch.

"Fabrication, this is Cmdr Zakal. I am forwarding the specs for the new Starfleet uniforms to be worn beginning immediately by all Officers and crew. I want you to make certain that we enough dress uniforms to go 'round the entire Senior Officer Corps and Bridge crew by 1200 hours. Have the new duty uniforms for the entire crew by day's end." Zakal paused as the Fabrication chief had a minor fit. "Lieutenant, I realize that you are going to have to work right thru the festivities tomorrow, but it cannot be helped. I am also sending the specs for the new communicators and bio-monitors so that your guys can get to work on those."

Zakal then punched his comm again. "Zakal to Telic."

When the chief engineer answered, Zakal continued. "Mr. Telic, I have received a communique stating that we are being issued new uniforms and equipment by Starfleet. I have the fabricators working on the clothing and have sent the specs for the new communicators and life monitors to them as well, but I want you and your people to oversee the technical side. I am sending you a copy of the communique. Please look at the specs and tell me how they measure up to your inspection. Also, there are specs for new Engineering, hazardous environment and EVA suits. Please check these out, also."

By the time of Zakal's message, Telic had been investigating the torpedo problem for a couple of hours. "Aye Commander. However, there seems to be problems with the torpedo launchers. I am putting them on a higher priority unless you deem it otherwise neccessary."

"Not at all, Mr. Telic, as you were. These new toys can wait until the ship is 100 percent. I'll have Fabrication make up a couple of demos for your people to look at. Carry on."

Zakal again called Fabrication.

"This is Zakal again, Lt. Wendstrom. Please make a couple of the new wrist communicators and Life Sensors for the Engineering staff to examine." He looked at the communications console and added, "Also send one to the bridge for Lt. Larson to check out when she arrives."

Zakal then broke the connection and put the comm on ship-wide.

"Attention all hands, attention all hands. In its infinite wisdom, Starfleet has designated new uniforms and equipment that is to be the standard for all Starfleet personnel beginning immediately. Fabrication specs for equipment and departmental uniforms are available and should be implemented with all due speed. That is all."

It was 0727, and Val Larson had cruised in her temporary conveyance, obtained from Cyrano's Rent-A-Shuttle, from Mars to just past the outer marker for Starbase One. She called into approach control and was vectored thru the great doors on the "east" side of the station. Docking control then vectored her toward her new home, Kitty Hawk.

Kitty Hawk was in the area of spacedock reserved for new construction. As she approached she passed an area where suited personnel were busy gamma- welding a new support frame in place. There certainly was much commotion here! As she got closer she passed by a sign, probably hung in jest, which read: "Please Excuse Our Mess--Future Home of the USS Excelsior--NX-2000."

She groaned at that. At least Daddy wasn't here to see that delightful bit of news. Her reminiscences were suddenly forgotten as she rounded a bend and caught her first sight of the Kitty Hawk. Several figures could be seen scurrying about her hull doing whatever it was that such scurriers did. She could also see several umbilicals connected to her hard connect points: power, a supply feed, two gangways, and a turbolift interconnect. She saw that the shuttle hanger doors were standing open but she resisted the urge to barnstorm thru them. Instead, she followed standard protocol and berthed her shuttle in one of the slips marked for transients and disembarked.

She made her way to a Star Fleet lounge that was positioned "above" the large saucer section of her ship. She scanned the room for a table that met her primary need, one equipped with a comm system. She selected a booth adjacent to a window. After quickly ordering a light breakfast she began typing away on the comm. She had managed to call most of her friends both on Mars and Earth last night, but due to timezone problems, needed to wait until this morning to finish her long list of goodbyes. As she waited for the comm to place her call her gaze kept shifting to the spectacular view of the Kitty Hawk. She really was excited about this adventure!

After several calls placed, and an ever-increasing sense of anticipation built to the point where she felt she would burst she checked her watch and saw that it was nearing 0900.

Time for work, she thought to herself cheerily She charged her meal to her father's credit account (an event she stopped thinking twice about years ago) and proceed bouncily to the nearest turbolift. "Kitty Hawk, Officer's Quarters," she announced to the air.


"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, Larson, Lt. Valerie, authorization Alpha Two Six Hotel." She took the turbolift's smooth acceleration as acceptance of her access codes and used the time before arrival to adjust the numerous bags she had slung over both shoulders. She also shifted the weight of one large carrying case she held from her left to right arms. "You're getting heavy, you know that?" Silence answered her.

The turbolift slid to a stop at what she noted was Deck Five. The doors opened crisply, and she was immediately confronted by a midshipman decked out in full Star Fleet security regalia. "Permission to come aboard?" She asked politely.

"Identify yourself please, Sir."

"I'm Val Larson, ship's senior Communications Officer, how do you do, and what might your name be?" She beamed at him.

Well, he was kind of cute.

The security man, seeing no immediate threat, lowered his readied weapon and switched his attention to a PADD he had stashed in one of his uniform's many compartments. He then sneezed.

"Pardon me," he said, wiping at his nose.

"Gesundheit!" She replied.

"That would be Lt. Valerie Larson? Yes, you're housed in compartment 581," he pointed the way.

"Why thank you! I must say you certainly have a secure ship here! I'm sure your CO would be pleased to know how well you do your job!" She said.

"Let's hope so," he grimaced slightly.

"Well thanks for the directions, maybe we'll meet up later, eh?" She put down the large case and extended her hand. "And what was your name?"

"Oh, Rogers, Midshipman First Class, Sir!" He bellowed and then somewhat awkwardly took her hand and shook it firmly once.

"My, my, my, well I hope everyone's not quite so formal here," she grinned, "you just call me Val, now." She bent to pick up the case, and as she lifted it a soft mew emanated from its depths. The guard looked startled.

"Is that a *cat* in there?" He questioned, a look of amazement crossing his face.

"You betchums! You wanna meet him? His name is Dusty. He's a longhaired cat of the Mutt breed...."

"Uh, know that's alright," he said, taking a step away from her. "Your quarters are right down that way."

"Right," she replied, gathering her belongings once again. "Well, I'll just be on my way then." She proceeded down the curving corridor and stopped in front of her quarters. After the briefest of pauses the door recognized her and she proceeded through to her new home. Before the doors snapped shut behind her she thought she heard the young Rogers having a sneezing fit. She smiled. Then she frowned.

"Yich!" She exclaimed, examining the stark walls. "Well, we have some work to do here! But first I've gotta find that Bridge. I figure that's where that nice commander fellow I talked to will want me. You just stay here until I get back. It shouldn't be long." She checked the case, making sure her cat was comfortable and that the highly automated catbox had enough of all the feline essentials.

She then quickly checked her new uniform in the mirror. (She noticed that most of the crew of this ship were still wearing the "old" style uniforms. The starbases had made the switch to the new and improved ones days ago.) She looked somewhat dismayed at her mop of shoulder-length, brown wavy (almost curly) hair, but then she was never happy with her hair style. She sighed once, took another glance around her room, shook her head and proceeded back out into the corridor.

She commandeered the nearest turbolift to the Bridge. After ten seconds the doors opened, and her eyes grew wide as she set sight on the bridge of a new Constitution class bridge. She scanned for her station, which was located immediately to her left as she exited the 'lift, and noticed that a number of officers and technicians were already hard at work.

Zakal saw Larson enter the bridge. "Well, Lieutenant, I'm glad that you could join us." Zakal said as he moved towards her, offering his hand. "Welcome aboard the Kitty-Hawk." Zakal pauses to look at the new uniform. "The uniform looks well on you, Lieutenant. I hope the rest of us are so fortunate." He gestured to his right. "Here is your station" he said, indicating the communications console. "I have ordered one of the new wrist communicators to be fabricated and sent up to you for a checkout to make sure we have no glitches. Have you used them before?"

"Yes, Sir, I have. I uh, well I mean, we...that is, our team, all of us, you know... well, I was part of the Star Fleet design team back in San Francisco that uh, well, came up with the idea of them." She grinned sheepishly. "Not that I had a big part on them or anything," she added hastily, hoping nto to sound like a braggart. "I was actually mainly responsible for testing them in office environments.

"You know, we had some initial problems with interference from high powered computer systems, initially, and then...well, I'm sure you're not interested in the boring details, but yes, I'm fully familiar with them." She smiled.

"I see. Well. don't forget to get into your dress uniform for the ceremonies this evening. If you need anything, or if I can be of any help, just give me a call. I want this ship ready to fly no later than 1200 hours. Again, welcome aboard."

"Yes, Sir!" She responded crisply, thinking to herself that her formal uniform could stand a good cleaning. As she recalled the last time she had seen it tossed over a chair, Dusty had been sleeping on it. She felt sure that cat hair was against regulations on this ship. She giggled out loud, then quickly turned back towards her station.

Well, Val thought, I'll just give this system a quick once over and then call for some relief. I still need to unpack, and get my poor cat out of his box.

Val proceeded to her station at precisely 0902, where she began familiarizing her self with this somewhat new equipment. She was well versed in all the latest designs having worked with Starfleet Command's Communications Research & Design group for several years. "This looks pretty easy," she said out loud. She beamed to herself. This is gonna be fun, she thought!

Zakal watched her. <> he said to himself with a smile. He then checked over the ship's logs for the past evening to see if he's missed anything.

Dr. Calinda Rogers arrived in Sickbay at the beginning of alpha shift to find Mayreeka intently studying something at one of the computer monitors.

"Good morning," she said, her disposition its usual sunny self after a good night's sleep. "Anything interesting happen overnight?"

"Good morning, Doctor," Mayreeka replied. "I have learned a great deal about this command during my shift. All was quiet and I have completed all I could prior to inspection."

"There are just a few things left to check before the inspection. We should be finished long before time."

Everything was ready by 0930 hours, and Rogers was about to suggest that Mayreeka, who had been on duty since mid-beta shift, get some rest and dress for the inspection when the call came through from the Bridge. Mayreeka took the call while Rogers listened.

"Zakal to sickbay."

"Mayreeka here."

"I am calling to inform you that a new piece of monitoring equipment is to be issued all personnel. This piece of equipment is called a bio-monitor, and it scans the person's vital signs and constantly keeps the medical computers updated as to status. Please consult the computer file regarding this new equipment. Fabrication is in the process now of making the monitors, and I will have the first one sent to Sickbay for a once-over diagnostic. That is all. Any questions?"

"I will read the file and examine the equipment when it arrives. I shall contact you if I have any questions regarding the equipment after I have seen it."

"Very well then. Zakal out"

Zakal slumps back in his chair.

Calinda couldn't help but mentally groan. She had so hoped that the powers- that-be would change their minds, but so be it. She hated how green looked against her dark honey-brown skin, and she privately admitted that the brief skirt and boots really had showed her legs to advantage. Ah, well....

As soon as contact with the Bridge was broken, she said, "The medical systems installed are designed to handle the bio-monitors, but they've got to be calibrated to monitor all 500 new crewmembers. This is going to take a while, and with Dr. Thomas still off-ship, we need to call everyone in to get the work done by the time all the new uniforms are issued. Oh, boy, speaking of Dr. Thomas, she is the only one authorized to access the captain's records. While I call the medical staff in, would you see if you can reach the captain and get his authorization?

"Yes, I will." Mayreeka walked over to the communication panel and touched the appropriate button.

"Mayreeka to Captain Chance."

Zakal picked up the transmission and intercepted it.

"This is Zakal, Mayreeka. The captain is not to be disturbed until after the ceremony. How can I help you?"

"Dr. Rogers and I are currently making preparations to calibrate the bio- monitors for the crew. Since Dr. Thomas has not arrived as yet, may I have authorization to the crew records so that we may give each crewman their bio-monitor and finish calibration prior to inspection?

"Permission granted, Ensign. I'll make the proper entries in the logs and get the computer clearance for you."

"Pardon me, Commander. This is Doctor, I mean, Ensign Rogers. I believe that the authorizations I was given until Dr. Thomas's arrival will give us access to all medical records, except the captain's. I don't believe yours will be accepted, either."

At 1000 hours, Zakal received a call from Lt. Matters of the Quartermasters department. "Sir," he said, his voice weakened by exhaustion, "The new dress uniforms you requested are ready and have been forwarded to the fabricators in the quarters of each senior officer and for other Bridge personnel. Do you know if any additional security personnel will be used? If so, will they need uniforms as well?" Out of view of the screen, Matters' fingers were crossed so hard, they were turning white from blood loss.

"I'm sure Commander Cain will expect it."

"Aye, Sir. I have been informed that Engineering and Medical Services are examining the specs. Should we delay fabricating the remaining uniforms until they are done?"

(End of Part D)

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